Pres. Obama Celebrates Final Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremony

I watched, with great interest, last night the coverage of President Obama awarding the final Presidential Medals of Freedom of his presidency. To some of the greatest icons of our generation.

This is a bittersweet piece to watch, considering the uncertainty and division our country is confronting these days. And it found it especially heartening to see how touched these individuals were by the honors.

Here's a good read by Mike Lupica: Precedential Mettle: Jordan = The One.
Here's more about Vin Scully receiving the honor


Get Ready for Summerfest's 50th!

Oh, snap. I can.not. wait.

Summerfest turns 50 next year. The countdown to June 28 has begun.



Emotion vs. Reason On Durant

Like most, my initial reaction to the news this week of Kevin Durant's bolt from Oklahoma City to Golden State was a jaw drop and eye roll.

Now, I barely give a hoot about the NBA anymore. But after further reflection, why do any of us care so much about where Kevin Durant plays? No matter the career field, who doesn't want to go to work for a successful, winning team?

Will Leitch's Sports on Earth post here lays out an undeniable case.

 I especially love the parity argument ...
The NBA has never had parity. It has always been a star-driven league. Do you know how many franchises have won championships since 1980? Eleven. And four of those won only one. The Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Spurs, Rockets, Heat and Pistons have won 33 out of the last 37 last championships. You're worried about all 30 teams having a chance to win now?