Egg Yolk Dripping All Over Sandwich

Biting into an egg, cheese and bacon sandwich, and then having the egg yoke break and ooze through the rest of the sandwich, has to rank high on my list of favorite foodie sensations.

So from The Onion this week ...
SARASOTA, FL—Saying that the plump liquid center had been broken and was trickling warm yellow goo on all sides, a report released Thursday found that, oh, fuck yeah, an egg yolk was dripping all over a sandwich. “Oh baby, just look at that,” the report read in part, adding that, hell yes, every ingredient in the sandwich was now soaked in the stuff. “Man oh man, it’s flowing onto the plate now. So goddamn tasty.” The report went on to say—sweet Jesus fucking yes—that a piece of crispy bacon had fallen out of the sandwich and could be dipped into the yolk.


Saturday morning reading

It’s Saturday morning.

Kates is in bed, trying to bat away a head cold that’s plagued her the last few days.

Faye was up, as usual, at the crack of dawn – preventing me from getting a head start on the day and trying to accomplish some things before the rest of the house awoke. Now she’s cozied up in a chair, watching her Saturday morning Disney cartoons. “My Friends Tigger & Pooh.” “PJ Masks.” “Mickey and the Roadster Racers.”

Phoebe is still sleeping, recovering from a night of bowling with the families of my office colleagues. The big drama in her world last night was that, in the three games we bowled, she failed to get a strike.

I am sitting at our dining room table, basking in the sunlight – the cats are doing the same in their lounge areas beside me – and reveling in the fact that temperatures are going to approach a high of 70 degrees today.

I’m also loving The New York Times’ political coverage these days, particularly its commentary about the new administration.

Today’s revelations …

Tom Brokaw was asked in 1969 to be President Nixon’s press secretary.

A PBS station in San Antonio censored a commentary addressing the Republican themes of stifling mainstream media, only to realize its mistake and let the commentary piece air later.

The longtime friendship of Jorge PĂ©rez and Donald Trump is now cold as a result of the administration’s controversial policies and rhetoric.

Kellyanne Conway. Nothing more to say on that topic.

And from the amazing Gail Collins, James Buchanan’s days as the worst president in American history may be numbered. (Newsweek has a story about the presidential survey, in which Obama fell just short of the top 10 in his first appearance in the ballot. Sigh.)
I know some of you are worried that the president is losing his mind. Perhaps you think that he’s depressed over the fact that his first four weeks in power have been marked by a disastrous attempt at immigration control, the axing of the national security adviser, the ignominious retreat of a nominee for labor secretary and a failed military raid in Yemen.

No. “I don’t think there’s ever been a president elected who in this short period of time has done what we’ve done,” Trump said at his press conference. Remember, this is not a man who does self-deprecating irony.

Oh, and the 25th Amendment may be a thing.

Time for me to get outside.



Meet the Machinists Who Keep the New York Times Running

My friend Todd send this video link to me today.

Two days after I learned four former -- and highly respected colleagues -- from my newspapering days in K-Town accepted buyouts to walk away from gutting of the city's "most interesting newspaper," as our late publisher famously said. This round of news came a few weeks after the newspaper's editor -- a former city reporter with whom I joined the newspaper during what he liked to call "the youth movement of the early 2000s" -- resigned amid the turmoil and clashing with the new publisher. I loved every day I got to work with those five journalists for whom I have tremendous respect and admiration. ... Of course, the newspaper's front page article about the moves was nothing more than a public relations report to notify loyal readers and failed to get into details of their contributions to the newspaper and the community. The articles didn't mention it and I was curious, so I did some research -- the five of them had a combined 151 years with the company, not to mention two of them grew up in K-Town.

I digress. 

Back to the video. This is a relic of the sweat, grinding and beauty that the daily newspaper operation once was. 


Pres. Obama Celebrates Final Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremony

I watched, with great interest, last night the coverage of President Obama awarding the final Presidential Medals of Freedom of his presidency. To some of the greatest icons of our generation.

This is a bittersweet piece to watch, considering the uncertainty and division our country is confronting these days. And I found it especially heartening to see how touched these individuals were by the honors.

Here's a good read by Mike Lupica: Precedential Mettle: Jordan = The One.
Here's more about Vin Scully receiving the honor